If operators are busy, please call again.

People will do things that they see other people are doing.

-Influence by Robert Cialdini, 

Today I called O2 business line and a marvelous sentence got my ear while I was being put on hold. A sentence that can double your sales, you customer interest and even make people on hold more excited. Which one is it?

If operators are busy, please call again.

Very famous line from book Influence by Robert Cialdini. We are driven by actions of others. When you are in a library, do you behave as others, quietly sitting and reading books while your cell phone is turned silent, or do you behave as during a rock concert, jumping, screaming and shouting every time you read the letter "G"?

O2 is using a similar line: "Our operators are busy completing orders of our highly demanded Christmas promotion, please wait on line.". 

What do you think, how can you increase your sales and your effectiveness during calls and sales?


Image source: www.sxc.hu, Workers 05 Call center, uploaded by contrapart on Jul 14, 2006