Louis Vuitton on the tram.

If somebody has an LV bag,you don't really expect that she is taking the public transport.A BMW or Mercedes seems more reasonable,appropriate, when you see a woman having it.But there are three good reasons why to expect she has it:

1.Feel-good reason:It makes you feel good just having it no matter how much money you have.

2.Social norm:If I have it others might perceive me as being rich.

3.Showing off:Feels good others can't afford it.

But what's really inspiring is not so much what is it,but how did he or she make money to buy it.We often start thinking too soon and then act based on bias.Why not asking,finding out more about the other person?

Luis Vuitton on the tram won't inspire you,but the person having it could very well.Be teachable,ask and learn more to earn more.