People listen to what is interesting for them, not you.

I am sorry to tell you, but people spent 90% of time thinking about themselves. Their toothache is way more important then global warming or famine in middle Africa. If you accept this fact, you will become a better speaker, a better friend and a better person.

If you want to become a good speaker, become a better listener first. What do you ask yourself before saying anything? Or you just come, open your meeting by asking the other person "How are you?" only to survive the time he or she is speaking thinking about your story, what you have experienced, but to look good, you at least remember how to be a good pretender. Looking into someone's eyes, smiling and nodding might look like listening, but do you really do it?

If you really want others to be interested in you, first find out what are the interests of the other person. Have you experienced when someone was talking to you and you were not interested at all? If yes, try to get to know interests of your friend, loved one, spouse.

Today I was surprised how many people started talking to me without asking me a word. I think it's natural. We love to talk about ourselves. I don't mind. But if you want real attention of people around you find out what they are interested in.