Set goals that motivate you.

 If you change, everything will change.


There are two types of motivation, internal and external. External motivation we all know well, all those grades we have got at schools, certificates, diplomas and ribbons to get recognition. Internal motivation is something that you can't see. It the drive we have towards some goal. It the force that pushes us to finish, to cope with worry and anxiety. It is well known that inner motivation is something stronger than the external. Internal motivation pulls us instead of pushing us. The external is pushing us toward the goal, but the internal is pulling us. Internal motivation comes very much from setting and fulfilling goals.


It's easy to know why setting goals is important. If you don't set them, you might find yourself in a job you don't like, you might find yourself driving a car you had never wanted to drive. It's easy to fall into busyness and practice lazy thinking. But when you don't find your goals, you will find unfulfilled goals. Trust me, I wanted to study abroad and I did. But I haven't chosen how to spent my free time and which goals I would like to fulfill, therefore I couldn’t spent my free time. I didn’t' know how to enjoy one day off for myself. It was so hard to spend free time.


Then I set a goal to play golf, to help my mother with taking pictures and to travel with her. If you change, everything will change. Goals set motivate, goal not set deprives us. Not choosing is also a choice.


An exercise that will help you to set goals and follow them is making a choice often. Choose what kind of ice cream you want on your desert, choose how you want your hamburger at burger king, choose a good healthy breakfast in the morning. In life you can either confront or conform. Let's set goals. Let's confront.


Let's go.