Seven lessons from golf: (1) Focus on the essential.

Golf is not about hitting the golf ball. It's about performing the golf swing which will naturally lead to hitting the ball.

This is the only attitude that will lead to greatest improvements, however it's underestimated by most beginner golfers. Typical questions in begineers’ minds are:

  1. Which clubs should I buy? 
  2. How much is the lifelong club membership?
  3. Which pair of shoes will match my trousers?

You can play with a second-hand club for few bucks, wearing track suit pants and still win the game. How? By practising, doing what's essential.

When I have been on the golf course for the first time, my golf trainer brought three things with him: a golf club, a tee and a golf ball.

I had more than seven clubs, a golf bag, seven balls,  apencil, a bottle of water, a notebok, and ten more things, none of which made me any better. He understands what's essential in golf, it's the golf swing. It's about the skills you have, not the tool you use. 

You don't need to be dressed to kill in label clothes, having all golf clubs golden-plated and your golf bag tailor-made to be a great golfer. I have realised that I can practice with one golf club, when I master that one, move to another, make it more complex. But the core for me is to train the swing. As my friend told me last time we were playing together: "What stands between you and a better golfer is hitting 2 000  more golf balls. Noone can do it for you.". That's the essential.

Focusing on the essential might all dumb down to a single questions:

What makes the biggest difference in your carreer, job, gig, venture?

Let's focus on that.