Seven lessons from golf: (3) Challenge the challenging first.

Even God has to practice his putting. -Golf Saying


Challenge the challenging first, which is usually the most grueling, boring practice neglected by the majority.


Putting is the most challenging,  grueling, boring practice in golf. The putt is used for putting the ball in the hole or closer to the hole from the green or the fringe of the green. Most beginner golfers don't practice it because it lacks any flashy action moves, it demands laser focus and it's hard to impress someone with a putt. Putting looks silly and easy to do.  What an opportunity not to do what matters the most. 


Every time I go to the golf course, I check the putting practice green. Most of the time, it's empty. It's so much easier to start with the easy task. However the best way is to start with the most challenging first and then you know that everything else will be hands down. The task has to be the most challenging and with the biggest impact in your game (or venture, or job).


Putting makes the biggest difference in golf score. Intermediate golfers become very good at long shots, but they will mainly differentiate at how good are they at putting. Nevertheless, most people neglect that.  Because it's so much easier.

 The world pays for actions, not for knowing, thinking or dreaming. If it's hard, if there's a market for it, if you can believe  it and do it, it might be the most reasonable thing to do.


*image by vivekchugh on Nov 25, 2007,