Seven lessons from golf: (7) Creative visualization to beat the competition.

It's impossible to develop a perfect golf swing, if you can't imagine it.

It's a simple idea closely related to setting goals. It's a common sense to many, but it's so impressive when you really do it. First imagine what you want to accomplish, visualize all the steps, everything around you, what must have been accomplished. Visualize what you feel, what you see and hear. When you have this image in mind, it's very easy to set smaller goals, break the work or golf swing into small parts which will be accomplished and improved one after another. 

Typical amateur golfer arrives at a driving range and shoots around 150 golf balls, quickly one after another not thinking about it very much. You can two simple advice to find out if you have visualized or not.

  1. What is your goal?
  2. How does a perfect golf swing look feels and sounds like?

It's impossible to accomplish something if you don't know what result is that you want to bring to life. It's very easy to practice if you know where you are heading and how you want to feel, think and who you want to become.