What a bad golfer am I.

I'm truly bad at golf. When I was doing my golf exam to be able to play at the golf course many times I told myself : "Jakub, go home. This doesn't make any sense."  I spent lot of time searching for the golf ball in high grass and harsh bush. How true I was at that time. It all made sense.


If I had gone home that day, I wouldn't have been going to the golf course tomorrow. I wouldn't embarrass myself in front of my friend tomorrow that I'm so much worse than he is. I would have stayed at home, secured.


I didn't give up that day. I continued and passed my exams. I am truly a bad golfer. But tomorrow, I'm going to the golf course again. And I will come again later too. All golfers started as I did. I'm a golfer. I just need to practice more. You also might be a professional speaker, businessman or entrepreneur lacking experience. I know that you will become what you are. So let's show up, that's what our true calling is about.


Let's show up and see what's going to happen.