Finding the one vs. being the one

I have to admit, this is my favorite difference in work attitude you can find everywhere. Basically, there are two kinds of people - those who are constantly looking for someone to do do the work, and those, who do the work.

The first type ("Who can do this?" type) is the always busy one. She is constantly busy, always on the phone, email and her calendar is filled with appointments, meetings and reviews. She has mastered the skill of delegation. Not because there is a better work for her to do, but because looking for others who do the work is her job.

When alight bulb burns out, she finds the handyman. When a program needs to be fixed, she calls the programmer. When a printer is out of paper, she emails the office manager.

The second type, the doer ("I can do it." type) is also busy. He is busy with his own work and when he finds something that must be done, he is willing to do it no matter what needs to be done. Secretary is not present - he will make a cup of coffee for a customer (he might not do it often, but when it's important, no problem with that). When a program needs to be fixed, he tries to fix it.  When a printer is out of paper, he handles it,. 

The first one is the master of ultimate delegation doing nothing really, the second one is the doer. 

My advice is - unless you are the CEO, be the doer. Do the work and get better. Repeat.