When will be the right time?

Sometimes we just wait for assurance. A few thoughts on when we think it will be the right time:

  • When they say you can't fail.
  • When you wait until she says you can kiss her.
  • When they say that you business plan is viable.
  • When he says that you can do something crazy together.
  • When they say everything will be ok.
  • When you are experienced, well educated and you have natural talent too.
  • When all your things are organized.
  • When she says you will be amazing and you will make it.
  • When they say it sure, guaranteed and tested.

So much time wasted waiting for the perfect time. Leap of faith is leap of faith, not leap of assurance, guarantee and no one is really sure if everything will be ok.

No, everything is not going to be ok. You will fail. You will make mistakes. But you will learn, grow and make better mistakes and then better results.

Tomorrow (usually) means never. So when will be the right time? The time is now, no guarantee.