Push yourself (or let others push you)

Recently several people helped me to come out of my comfort zone (thank you Kara, Míša, Petr, Jakub and Jan). It's easy to read articles about "going out of the comfort zone", however it's also easy to do nothing about it. 

Push yourself, or let others push you.

Meeting a new person or spending time with somebody from a totally different culture can help you open your eyes and enter a new world. You can visit new places you have never ever visited before or would never visit before (like me being to a gym yesterday). But here comes a choice.

You can either spend time with this new person and live the way you used to live or you can say "show me your world, your friends, the way you live". If you make the second choice, you learn, you explore and your view really widens. The choice is yours. 

Will you push yourself or let others push you? 

// After realizing it would be great if also my friends from abroad could understand articles here I wrote this article in English, hope there will be more to come in future.