Love thy salesperson.

Imagine the world without salespeople. No junk mail,telephone getting cold calling at the dinner table,noone would be persuading you to buy something you don't want.You wouldn't waste money on stuff you don't need.Actually,you wouldn't have anything,because there wouldn't be anyone to buy from.

People are angry at bad salespeople-those often highly motivated by self-help books and salestraining trying to push their product.This is the old way of selling.People are angry because that old way of hard sell is dying.

In the new world of selling the best salespeople focus on the buyer and mostly importantly position themselves as a resource of information.You can hardly push something in the variety of products on the market today.When you buy from a good salesperson,you are not being sold,you choose to buy and your needs are satisfied.

No more hard sell,because the customer should be the target,anything else.