Recycled creativity

When it comes to creativity,lot of people think it means doing something brand new,changing the status quo by a brand new idea to break the bland ideas.

There is also some magic in "having a great idea".Countless starting businesspeople are making a list of great ideas waiting for even more ideas.They think that only if they had a really exceptional idea,they could do and start something.

The world is full of great ideas already.There is no problem in finding a good idea in the information age.What's hard,effective and rewarded is recycled creativity.It means executing something that has been already used effectively in a little different way such as this ad by Mall.No,this kind of ad isn't the first one,it has been already used by Tesco in Korea.

But when in comes to ideas,it's better to execute perfectly an average idea than to sit and wait.The world is already full of ideas.