The only person you compete with is you.

There is competition at your school, at your work, at dinner party. Probably you had the feeling of fighting with everybody, probably you wanted to be better than <insert the person> . Please, when you get up tomorrow, look into the mirror. Make up your mind that today, for the next 24 hours you will compete with yourself, you will try your best. Make fun of learning, but sooner or later you will fail. And then get up on your feet again. You are the only one responsible for living your life. 

What is the next step you are going to take? Here I post a video you might find interesting. I watch it almost every day. I used to be a perfectionist and if I was not capable of doing a great work, I didn't even try. I have changed my mindset, I believe that sitting down and doing our work is the best what we can do. To follow our heart, to do what we have always wanted. Sit down and do your work and don't be nervous about the outcome, it will come itself. Remind yourself of a single line from Lord's Prayer,"..Give us today our daily bread.". It the bread today, not yesterday or tomorrow.It your work today, not yesterday or tomorrow.