Three things I have decided to do in next 18 980 days.

I have always wanted to become a star. To be rich. To have an expensive car. To live in a splendid mansion. To have a big swimming pool in my garden.  And of course to have the garden. To be famous, to be smart, to be sexy.   I thought I was doing fine. I had pretty good grades. I wasn't the best student in the class, I wasn't the worst. I always thought my big dreams would guide me, show me how to fulfill my dreams. To use imagination, to dream was easy, but to work was hard .I felt wrong.  I wasn't excited about my work.  I assumed that successful people do their work with passion, with love and that it must be easy for them. It’s not easy for them and it’s not easy for anybody 


I realized that professional doesn’t focus on being a star. Albert Einstein said: "Don’t try to become a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value.". Mark Zuckerberg, the found of Facebook said: “I spend time making small things and then when the time comes I put them together.” . It's much more profitable to focus on your work than becoming a star. Success, like happiness, comes as a byproduct of you work.  People focus on making a lot of money. But Money is the result. If you focus on the result, you won't achieve your goal. Instead, successful people focus on service. They don’t think inward, they think outward. They think how they could improve their service. They think how they can be more productive, how to deliver more for less. Then, money and fame will come. But doing what you love will bring you happiness; it’s not the money or the BMW.


Even though I was doing quite well at school, I didn’t feel quite well. I always had trouble enjoying my free time. I love work and I thought fun is for losers. But that’s only the image that comes from movies and culture, that's not reality. In reality, you don’t have to work 14 hours a day.


Here comes passion in my life.  Passion is your inner voice telling you what to do. But the repellent force is Resistance. It's the voice telling you that you C3 speech is not good enough. That people are not interested and that they won't listen. And also fear comes into action. Successful person is the one who despite all circumstances will sit down and do his job. . He overcomes resistance, the force leading him out of doing what he loves the most. He accepts that you can't overcome fear, but you can fight and have fear.


So, you have passion, do you have the time? People love to complain about not having enough time and I was one of them too. Until that day I came to the conclusion that everyone has 24 hours a day. Nothing more, nothing less. So it's not about having time, that's only an excuse. Everyone has time. But what's really important is how we spend it.


I believe the easiest way how to follow your passion is to do what you love one hour a day. You come home; you kiss you wife or girlfriend and start working on the most important thing in your life, passion.


To conclude, not having time is only an excuse, everyone has time, and the problem is how we spend it. Spend at least one hour a day following your passion. And don't try to be a star, focus on your work and becoming a man of value. Then the fame and success will come.


Everyone has 24 hours, that's 86 400 seconds a day. And because the average men in the Czech Republic dies at age 74  it means I have 18 980 days left to make a difference. I believe that not only me, but everyone in this room can make a difference.

 *This is a script of my C3 speech in Toastmasters club in Prague - Prague Speakers